Welcome to the new face of my hobby. I have recently found that I really find great joy in creating for friends and family.  Being the one that is able to present an item that brings a feeling of gratitude to another person fills my “cup”!  This includes my crochet and renewed love of sewing.

What really gets my creative juices flowing is getting my hands on my camera. There is so much technical expertise that comes with that piece of machinery but there is also the need for a creative streak and talent for composition. I have had my fingers wrapped around a camera since I was in elementary school in the days before digital images.  That Olympus StylusZoom was taken through the rigor of trips to California, Canada and Hawaii. It gave me images that gave me white, red and blue ribbons in the Hennepin County 4-H tent and eventually a trip to the Minnesota State Fair.  I was given a film SLR when I was in high school.  I never mastered that camera.  I was the amateur that went through rolls of wasted film because I couldn’t understand the technical side.  Years later I was given my first DSLR. I had instant feedback!

I used that feedback to develop a style.  I tried for a long time to copy other photographers’ images but, of course, that doesn’t work.  Prior to my daughter, most of my images were landscapes.  The majority of them still are as it’s where my love of photography started.  But my first highly rewarded image was of a child (MN State Fair).  After my daughter was born, I couldn’t put down the camera! I needed to capture every moment, document every reality.  I learned how to get down to her level, how to use an external flash.  I loved the interaction.  But I was still critical of my own work.

Out of the blue, a friend asked me to take pictures of her two *wonderful* kids. I was nervous but still replied that I would do it.  I researched locations and poses.  In the end, my location was mosquito ridden and poses just don’t work for toddlers and infants. But my images turned out fantastic!  So I booked another one and that went just as well as the first!

So here I am.  Trying to establish myself.  Building a portfolio. Contemplating starting a business. But it comes down to creating images for friends, family and even strangers to capture THEIR memories and realities.

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