Amy Albrecht

My name is Amy. I’m Minnesota girl enjoying my days in the suburbs of Wisconsin’s capitol, Madison! My home is with my husband, our two awesome kids and kitty.

I specialize in Portraiture and Lifestyle photography mostly of families, couples and kids. In my free time, I dabble in self-portraiture.

I could tell you a little history about my photography experience, all the way back to the days of 35mm and film, but then you would miss out on all the things that make me “more than a photographer”. There is my love of yarn and crochet, feeling the wind in my hair while I ride my road bike, bookclub with some local moms, making a mess in the kitchen while trying new recipes or just hanging out with my family.

Sometimes I have difficulty putting into words what, exactly, is my artistic vision for my photography. Instead of trying to find the most eloquent way to describe it, I will just jot down my thoughts.

I want my photos to be realistic and bright. I want my clients to be comfortable in the moment. I want my clients to wear clothes that make them feel great but also reflective of who they are. Wear makeup, or don’t. Get a blow out, or pull your hair up into a ponytail. As a plus-sized momma myself, I understand the urge to not get photos taken until I’ve “lost the weight”. I’ve been there. I missed years of memories because of it. Send me a message, I can give you some great clothing options that you will feel great in and still get you in front of my camera

I don’t want my clients worrying about their children’s behavior. I LOVE capturing the giggles and silly moments and even a snuggle from a crying child. These are the real moments of parenthood. I often make a fool of myself just to get a genuine smile out of their kiddos. Or you’ll find me chasing kids who explore in the woods or climb on a playground. Don’t worry, mom and dad, I will get great photos of all of you together as well as authentic photos.

I don’t carry a client closet. I don’t work with a hair and make-up artist. My styled shoots are rare. Bring your real true self to our session! I tend to edit true-to-life but also bright and cheery vs moody.

Please contact me if you are in the Madison, WI area. I look forward to meeting you!



Summer Pastime

Sitting on the driveway in the evening after the hot day starts cooling, slices of red watermelon in our fingers. Sticky faces and seed spitting contests.


Bucket list item

I really want to watch the aurora borealis in one of those clear roofed tents in Canada.


Best place on earth

Scotland. I went there on a trip with my husband a few years ago and now I just want to live there when we retire.



I really fear people in masks. Clowns are okay. Minnie Mouse at Disneyland and the Easter Bunny at the mall are not okay.


Amy was great with the kids. Made things easy & quick. And the pictures were amazing! I love how the photos really captured our natural selves. – Kelly C.

We had fun during the photo session and were very pleased with the results. You were able to make a couple senior citizens look not half bad. Quite a feat! – Mark

We had a wonderful experience in our family session with Amy. One of my kids has complex medical needs and in preparation for our session I emailed Amy asking about her flexibility in scheduling since it may take a bit longer than the average family to get pictures taken in the allotted time for our session. Amy was very understanding and allowed us to have extra time which in turn resulted in us having a fun session where we were not pushed to be done in x amount of time. – Darilis Suarez-Gonzalez

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