Session FAQ

In the world of family photography...well, any professional photography, there are two business models: Shoot & Burn and In-Person Sales. I found that I was feeling like I wasn't serving my clients enough when I would deliver their digital links and then not communicate with them again. Being a huge supporter of getting your photos off of your computer and into your hands, I have adopted a hybrid approach to my sessions. Sessions now include digitals and prints/products. Either a set print product or a print credit is included with each session. I also have a-la-carte purchasing of prints and products available for you.
All of my sessions are all inclusive. Meaning that the fee you pay covers a photo package. The photo package includes your session time with me as well as a set number of edited digitals and print products or a print credit. I also carry an a-la-carte price list if you would like to purchase products above and beyond what is included with your session. I highly encourage this! The session fee also covers the costs to operate a legal business including insurance, licenses and fees. Other boring items like website, software to edit images, equipment maintenance, continued education, rent, etc. are factored into session fees.
I typically do my photo sessions on location. This means I come to your home or your favorite location to photography your session. That being said, I do have limited access to a studio space if that is something that would work for you and your family.
Each session requires a $100 non-refundable retainer and a signed contract to secure your date and time on my calendar.
I prefer to book my clients in the mid-mornings or late afternoons for the best lighting. Midday noon sun can be harsh.
When it comes down to it, wear what you are comfortable in. Wear clothing that reflects your personality. I will say avoid neon colors. It shows up odd on the camera. If you are looking for styling advice for a cohesive look, see below. Do look for solid colored tops. For family portraits do not all wear the same thing, mix it up within a complimentary color palette. Jeans are a neutral. DO NOT wear all the same color! Everyone in a white shirt and blue jeans is not the way to do it anymore. You will more than likely be able to see shoes, so take that into consideration. You will be able to see phones and key's in pockets so I will ask you to empty those. Take a moment to iron your clothing before your session. You will be glad you did when your photos come back.
A RAW file is essentially the cameras digital negative. It is uncompressed image data but in a form that is not directly usable and must be processed. RAW files are not a finished product and do not adequately portray my work. For this reason, I do not distribute RAW files. Digital files will be in a high resolution JPEG format for download through your private gallery.

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