The Cusp

How being “Fab By 40” turned into something much different.

A Different Plan – Newborns

Moms…Do you remember those first hazy days after bringing your first born home from the hospital? Dirty diapers? A new wacky sleep schedule? No sleep schedule? Trying to figure out why the hospital staff let you take home this child with little to no experience. Obviously, we all hope that the birthing experience goes relatively smoothly. It didn’t for me with my first.

Why I Quit…

I’m going to be vulnerable here. Now, some would argue that social media isn’t the place to show vulnerability. On a platform where most people show a curated version of themselves, their families, their homes, etc, I’d much rather show everyone who I really am. “Real Life” includes the positive, happy, comfortable moments and it also includes the moments where I am crying, uncomfortable and angry.

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