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Moms…Do you remember those first hazy days after bringing your first born home from the hospital? Dirty diapers? A new wacky sleep schedule? No sleep schedule? Trying to figure out why the hospital staff let you take home this child with little to no experience. Obviously, we all hope that the birthing experience goes relatively smoothly. It didn’t for me with my first.

I was planning on writing about my daughter’s birth story here. I had it all typed out, trying to pull from memories that are almost nine years old. Then I decided that the story was more for me and I didn’t need to share it here. My whole point was that things don’t always go as planned. We walked into the hospital with no birthing plan and we walked out the first time, without a baby. But, we got to bring her home from the NICU 10 days later. Our babies never seem to stick to the plan we lay out for them.

Because the birth of my daughter was traumatic and difficult, we didn’t have the where-with-all to get newborn photos taken, in the hospital or after we arrived home. I regret that decision. I wasn’t really doing photography for a business at that point. I didn’t recognize my own talent. I was really just trying to survive. Now? I would hire one in an instant. And I did, before my son was born four years later. We set up all the logistics ahead of time. She showed up before my daughter did. I wanted to get pictures of her seeing her brother for the first time ever. It was darling.

As I do enjoy documenting babies when they are in the hospital, my favorite newborn session is done in the comfort of your home. This is also called Lifestyle Newborn. The warm coziness your home can offer lends a more comfortable and relaxed session for you and your family members. Cozy blankets and snuggles, breaks for feeding and changing blowouts are all moments to document. Wrinkly fingers and tiny pink toenails will be quickly forgotten along with those first dirty diapers. Also, do you remember trying to put pants on a floppy newborn the first time? Why not remember that struggle!

What the heck is lifestyle newborn?

I’m not a photographer that is going to overly pose your newborn. I will not put your baby in a bucket with a headdress of flowers. I will swaddle them, photograph them snuggled in your arms, or in their crib. I will document all the tiny bitty details like toes and fingers and button noses. I will ask you to hold them, kiss them, love on them. I want to photography your family authentically.

When is the best time to book a newborn session?

I would suggest contacting me at least 2-3 months in advance. This is when I have the most flexibility in my calendar. I will pencil in your due date. “Welcome Home” sessions have quite a bit of flexibility. They can be done within a day or two of your arrival home from the hospital or we can push it out up to four weeks after baby is born. I do like to give families a bit of time to get settled into their new routines. We can discuss that when you book. These sessions usually take place on weekday mornings as that allows me the most flexibility with my own kids out of the house.

How long will the session last?

I strive to keep these sessions as laid back as possible. I let the baby lead the show on this one. They are usually around 2 hours long. I make sure we are getting all sorts of little moments, including moments with older siblings, feeding, breast feeding, snuggling, sleeping, etc. Your session sitting fee includes all of this in-home session time as well as pre-session planning through a phone call and email, styling advice, and date reservation.

What should we wear?

For babies, I would suggest a white or neutral onesie. I will bring along some simple swaddles. For mom and dad, ideally, wear what you are most comfortable in. Don’t wear your pre-pregnancy jeans if they don’t fit. I’ll be frank, I still don’t fit into those jeans 9 years later! Tank top, black leggings and a kimono? Maternity dress? Pajamas? All wonderful options, momma!

What should we expect after the session?

I generally deliver a proofing gallery of your images within two weeks of your session. You will receive an email with a link to your gallery and gallery store, where you will pick your collection package. This may include digitals or digitals and artwork/albums. I also have a-la-carte items available. If you would like some guidance with ordering, I am happy to do that with you. Final edited digital images are delivered within 2 weeks with artwork soon to follow.

What now?

Reach out. Fill out my contact form so we can chat about what exciting arrivals are in store for your family!

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